How much does membership cost?
For a limited time, membership is absolutely free. Sign-up today to enjoy free lifetime membership.
How does membership work?
After signing up, you will get full access to view all current offers from campgrounds across the US and Canada. Booking a site for your next vacation is easy and instant. Your site is guaranteed.

Offers are available for a limited time. Member campgrounds can add/remove offers at any time and booked sites are immediately removed so the list of available offers is changing constantly. Don't hesitate to grab one because it may not be available the next time you visit the site.
How do I use my membership?
Your membership gives you direct access to view specials and discounts offered by member campgrounds. Using our website on your computer, tablet or smartphone, you can search for campground offers and instantly reserve and pay for a site.
How is your club different than others?
Several benefits set us apart from other membership clubs:
  • Our membership is free (for a limited time).
  • Your site is guaranteed.
  • Booking is instant using our online reservation system. You do not have to call ahead and hope that a campground has an available site eligible for a discount. If you find a site offered on our website, you can book that site instantly, pay for it and receive an email confirmation from the campground within minutes.
  • We have a close working relationship with our member campgrounds.
  • All discount offers are exclusive and are not available anywhere else.
  • No hassle or guesswork. You will know exactly what sites are available and exactly how much it will cost you before you commit to anything.
  • No membership card is required.
  • No searching through camping directories.
What are the limitations and restrictions?
Each campground has their own restrictions and those will be explained on the online reservation form during the booking process. Most campgrounds will have limited availability during peak season, major holidays and weekends. Member campgrounds reserve the right to add, modify and remove offers at any time.

Our only requirement is that you pay the full amount in advance when booking a site and all sales are final. No refunds will be issued by the member campground or Premier RV Club.
What is your refund policy?
When booking a site, all sales are final. No refunds will be issued by the member campground or Premier RV Club.
Am I guaranteed a site?
All offers on our website are offers for specific sites at our member campgrounds. When booking, you will choose a site, pay for it and receive an email confirmation/receipt from the campground for the site you selected. The member campground will make every effort to honor your selected site; however, the campground reserves the right to relocate you to a different site if needed.
Do I need to call ahead or verify with the campground?
No. You are welcome to contact the campground for verification but it is not required. The confirmation email will have all the details you need.
Are the rates listed the actual rates or will they change when I get to the campground?
The rate you see is the rate you pay. It will not change when you arrive unless there was a mistake made on the reservation form (e.g. 2 adults was selected on the reservation form but 4 adults arrive)
Will your offers really save me money or are they based on inflated retail rates?
The retail and discounted rates shown on our website are accurate. We do not artificially inflate the rates to make the discounts appear larger. All retail rates match the published rates displayed on our member campgrounds' websites.